The state of typography

Not sure whether I agree with all the facts or the figures in this chart, but it still makes interesting reading:


  1. William

    You list code heavy for the fontface side? I used YouWorkForThem for a webfont last week, all I had to do was enter 1 line of CSS code to load them. How is that heavy?

  2. I didn’t list anything. This graphic was made by, whoever they are and stated under the image. There are quite a few facts that need correcting, but I thought it was a good starting point.

  3. @kimaboe: Geography is not something they teach at schools by the look of it. But if I made a graphic like this, I would look it up. I actually do not think that Norway has the cheapest font prices anyway, it being the most expensive country in Europe. The arrow points to somewhere in Eastern Europe, which is more likely.

  4. Dan

    Why is Font-face “not guilt free”? That seems a big, baseless, and obnoxious assertion.

    This “data” is very inconsistent and extremely slanted.

    I work with the largest internet seller of type, and the author obviously didn’t look at our collection, because the prices, character set size etc. aren’t consistent with what we sell.

  5. LIke I said: I don’t agree with some of the facts. I hope they are reading this to realize it takes more than pretty graphics to tell a true story. Still a valiant effort, made better by the comments here and elsewhere.

  6. Lower

    I find it rather sad that most fonts are display fonts. In my opinion we have enough headlines; the world needs more body copy.

  7. dcscar

    Franktur, Calson, Bidoni, Gylphic, Numbus — ZOIKS!

  8. Calson and Bidoni? Really??
    Honestly there are way too many typos in the chart.
    Additionally, the visual representation is not consistent with the numerical representation, the display of quantitative information is plain wrong.
    And Israel is not in the Arabic Peninsula and Norway is not next to Spain. :-)

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