My workshop needs help

My typographic workshop at needs support. After more than one year with hardly any income (no workshops!), I may have to close it down, sell the presses and the type, let everybody go who’s been running this place since 2014, and tear apart a large collection of typographic treasures.
We are a non-profit foundation – Erik Spiekermann Foundation gGmbH – any contributions are an immediate write-off. 
Our workshop is a unique place – we have a collection of historic materials like a printing museum, but no “hands-off” signs: everything is available for hands-on work. We do not stop at collecting, but develop new methods and techniques to bring letterpress printing and physical type into the digital age. We call it postdigital printing.
If you’re in publishing, software house, or any other culturally engaged institution, you should be interested in keeping a place like p98a alive. We’re not talking millions, just a reasonable sum to pay the rent and two employees.
Get in touch with me to discuss details, solutions, possibilities and to find out more.

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  1. Krauter

    How sad. I believe the government could support more old traditional ateliers.
    I hope for the best for you.

    1. erik

      Not sure whether any government will be helpful – we are too much on the fringe and caught inbetween art, craft and commerce. But there is help in sight from businesses who appreciate what we’re doing.

    1. erik

      Hi Ric,
      thank you for your kind offer, but I am not looking for donations right now. We need a long-term solution, like a sponsor who sees the need to support us and may be in a related business. We are talking to Adobe and others. So keep your fingers crossed and spread the word.

  2. Artem

    Keeping my fingers crossed. I attended one of the workshops in late 2019 right before Covid became a thing. It allowed me to experience first-hand this meticulous and wonderful printing workflow of yesteryear. Really hope that creative enterprises take notice and help preserve this sliver of history to which they owe their beginnings.

  3. Thomas Rettig

    Erik, why don’t you let The Big M acquire P98a, just like what Jonathan did? ;)

    On a more serious note, I hope you’ll find a sponsor (soon). I wish you luck!

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