Three-letter words

Characters make words, and words make sentences. If you had all these words printed on paper in front of you, you couldn’t help yourself but would want to arrange them into sentences. So we intend to print these and more words, regardless of whether they’re nouns, pronouns, adjectives or verbs. We’ll also do a similar exercise in German but may have to go to four-letter words as German is not known for too many short words. As Mark Twain famously said: “German words are so long, they have perspective.”

Not sure whether it’ll be in the HWT Artz typeface (which only has upper case so far) or in a new one we’re about to cut, but print we shall.



  1. Upsala

    One of the shortest German words: „Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänskajütenputzjungenjackenknopflochumrandungsnähfadeneinzelfaserreißfestigkeitsüberprüfungsprotokollierungsformularkontrolleintrag“. – Words like this they take every day to communicate.

    The best known german copy writer named Uwe Neumann packed one word like that into a text to teaching his students, how they should not write in commercials: „Undestilenacidmonoethanolamidsulfobernsteinsäuresemiesthernatriumsalz“.

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