Old press runs again

Our friends at Lettertypen in Berlin have quite a few old presses, all of them operational. The biggest one of them is Johannisberger Schnellpresse from 1924. It prints sheets up to A0 format, 88×126cm (i. e. 35″×50″), with manual feed but automatic delivery. See here for a list of other equipment our combined workshops have.

After a long search, he recently found a few missing parts and last week Daniel ran the first sheets through the press. Watch it here:


  1. Noch

    moderner dürfte der digitale Nanodruck sein: https://youtu.be/MNu4scjA2L8?t=1093 – Leider versauen die Amis einem die Neigung zu ihren Produkten durch elendige Produktvorstellungen mittels Models, Tanz etc.

    So kaufe ich gleich viel lieber ein anderes Produkt.

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