Letterpress workshop at P98a

One of the joys of running a letterpress studio is to share the experience with others. At galerie p98a we regularly set up workshop sessions for a group of individuals or an entire team. We’ve had design teams here for a team-building exercise, for a day of reprieve from sitting in front of their screens or simply for the fun of getting their hands dirty.

You’ll find a list of planned workshops here. That page links to Eventbrite, from where you can reserve a workshop and find out about the financials.

Our friends from Construct London


  1. Hello Erik, we know each other since type 90 and other events, I make Film and Polymerplate in my shop up to 24×30 inch, but also have Ludlow and Monotype (15×17) at hand. I explore a magnetic base for my OHZ but Koch& Becker is not to my liking. What type of Base did you get, if I may ask?

  2. erik

    Hallo Ludwig,
    Daniel Klotz hat unser Magnetplatte in Spanien machen lassen. 50x70cm für ca. 3500 €. War das billigste Angebot und funktioniert toll. Wir haben einen Laserbelichter für unsere Platten und brauchen dafür kein Filmnegativ. Schreib mir besser an erik at spiekermann dot com

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