January poster

The first poster for 2015 poster is, as always, 50×70cm in size (approx 20×28in), printed 2 colours on 160gsm Meta­Pa­per Rough. In case you didn’t notice: it’s in German, meaning Everything will be fine (for once, German is shorter than English). And for the people living in Berlin, we have a special version in the local dialect; this one only got printed 15 times.

The type is Akzidenz Grotesk Black, a particular cut only available as display type, made from Plakadur, Berthold’s high quality resin. The type is sharper than normal wood type, but as large: 20 cicero (approx 22 pica)

There are 50 prints of each poster, num­bered and signed by Erik Spiek­er­mann. We ship every­where and you can pay by Pay­Pal. Price is the same in these cur­rencies: £, $, €; always 98, includ­ing tax (where applic­a­ble) and ship­ping, wrapped in a solid card­board tube.

Orders with shipping address please to info@p98a.com. We should have a proper shopping basket for this site soon, which will make buying a poster much easier.
alles-wird-gut allet-wird-jut

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