1. Fantastic! Champion of graphic design for the improvement of existence, a brilliant explanation of how visual communication can impact our lives. There’s much to be said about taking pride in a nicely designed form.

  2. Respected Mr. Spiekermann, I wish to let you know that your wise and insightful words (as I would like to call them) resonate as far as India, where I am based and work as a freelance graphic designer! Your interviews on YouTube, in the film Helvetica and in this fabulous video are insightful and inspiring, to say the least. Thank you for your humility and willingness to share your honest opinion about graphic design, it is deeply appreciated.

  3. What’s wrong with speaking my beliefs? I honestly think that Bush was bad and that he got elected by a mistake. Your are, of course, entitled to disagree with me. But I think credibility comes from being authentic. I could be more diplomatic and get more people to like me, but that is not what this is about.

  4. Communication is key. I absolutely agree, but unfortunately, many times I have to remind myself to this. I can only guess even the biggest minds tend to overlook the fact too.

    Thanks for reminding me that one needs to step back from projects some times as well and go back to things with a fresh, renewed look. It’s so easy to become creatively stuck when you focus too much on it having to be done immediately and rapidly.

  5. Sir,

    thanks for affirming my belief that ‘cred­i­bil­ity comes from being authen­tic’ and you are one living example. i am humbled by the vastness of your work and sharpness of your conduct. this interview brought back the lines uttered by Osho that says ‘when you create something you become higher than you are, deeper than you are, and creating takes you a step closer to God – the best creative guy up there (or somewhere?)

  6. Olivia Robinson

    Thankyou. In love with the typefaces. Trying to find the best one for my Berlin Infographic.

  7. GDmac

    Erik, your closing statement reminded me of this (fun) quote, “Yes, I have photographic memory, but i have no film in it.”

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