FF Real

The new typeface I designed with Ralph Du Carrois was released by FontShop under the FontFont label last week. Alexander Roth designs all the cool printed stuff for FontShop in Berlin and had us at P98a print a poster from the wood type we had made for the Regular weight of FF Real. Norman Posselt took the photograph of me pulling a sheet from the Korrex proof press.

Only the first 25 buyers of FF Real will get one of the 25 signed and numbered posters we printed.



  1. Finanzkrise

    Was wir derzeit erleben, ist ein Kampf zwischen Reich und Arm. Wir werden ihn gewinnen. (Warren Buffet)

  2. Anton Drachuk

    Hi! I have your book – >Hello I am ErikReal Head RegularReal Text RegularReal Regular< and when I try the promo code on each I get a message that there is no such promo code (and it's the one from the book). I would be happy if there was a solution to this, because I really appreciate this font as both head and text – the book is so legible, I was able to read it quite fast, so I wish had a chance to use this typeface (for a specific project actually).
    P.S.: fontshop.com surprisingly isn't very convenient – too many times you have to choose the weight again, seems odd that you have to go through three pages instead of one and when you click buy – you have to choose the style again despite you were redirected from the page of this style… It's just a little confusing.

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