Cheap is no good

CfcGhOfWEAANn9DNo idea where this line comes from; I’ve heard it often, not necessarily with “Design” as the keyword. After 50 years in the business, I can guarantee that it is entirely true.

We set the words from our brand new Real wood type (based on FF Real), 20cicero tall, cut for us by Tudor Petrescu in Romania. Tudor is busy right now, cutting a smaller size of 12 cicero in Real Regular as well as in Real Demi.

As always, the poster is printed on MetaPaper Rough Warm White 160 gsm in Black and Pantone Warm Red ink. From original wood and metal type on our Korrex Frankfurt, 50×70 cm.

The 50 posters each are num­bered and signed by Erik Spiek­er­mann. We ship every­where and you can pay by Pay­Pal. Price is the same in these cur­rencies: £, $, €; always 98, includ­ing tax (where applic­a­ble) and ship­ping, wrapped in a solid card­board tube. Please go to spiekerstuff to order. You can also check out the other prints there as well as the metal housenumbers I designed a few years ago. Some of them are still available from spiekerstuff.


  1. Susan Misicka

    Hi Erik: Could you please write to me? I have a question about the CHF50 note.

    1. erik

      Why don’t you write to me?
      erik (at)

  2. Curd

    Ob die Satzkombination so stimmt? Besonders der zweite Hauptsatz könnte in vielen Fällen dem Irrtum anheim fallen. Ob es uns gefällt oder nicht!

  3. Der Kanalmann

    Cheap design is that good what tosses out good designers from the market.

  4. The sewage worker

    «Good design is not cheap, cheap design is no good.» – Cheap design is that good what tosses out good designers from the market.

  5. A Dude From Cleveland

    This sign has been a total culture change for my creative team at our company. No more employees asking how cheap we can make signage, invitations, etc. It just greets them right at the door. Can I get an Amen…

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