Another video interview

Deutsche Welle TV, Germany’s channel for viewers abroad, filmed an interview with me for their programme euromaxx. Unfortunately, the English voiceover keeps calling me a “font designer” and refers to typefaces as “letter fonts”. I insist that we design typefaces. Those are then made into fonts which is what you buy.

I’ll have the opportunity to make that point and others when the exhibition opens at the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin on 15 March 2011. They’ve asked me to tell my story because I have been awarded the Federal German Design Prize 2011 as a Lifetime Achievement Award from the German Design Council.

A link to the original German version of this video can be found over on the German portion of this blog; just click the link at the top of the page.


  1. This Guy!!

    What i love about Erik is his point of view, what he belives and says are his rules of life and how he take care of them and always respecting them.


  2. Congratulations from Mexico on the award Erik! I’m sure it’s well deserved.

  3. Lastly, an issue that I’m passionate about. I’ve looked for data of this caliber for the final a number of hours. Your site is drastically appreciated.

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