Warning to all bike thieves!

My old Rivendell road bike was stolen in June. I’d had it for a long time and losing it did hurt. I think stealing a bicycle like that is more than just a little misdemeanour; it is a wicked crime and shows really bad character.

The only way I could get over the loss was by going to see Bradley Woehl at the American Cyclery in San Francisco and have him build me a new bicycle. The frame is made by Waterford in Wisconsin, the paint job is pretty much the same as my Rivendell and the parts are mostly Campagnola. We put 28 tyres on it, which looks less elegant than 23, but if you have seen the roads here in San Francisco, you know that even that is too thin.

I’m publishing a few pictures here as a public record. If anybody dares steal this bike, there’ll be lots of people looking out for it.


  1. There is something very elegant about that bike; perhaps it is its simplicity. I’d go and buy a really beautiful lock for it though.

  2. Duncan

    Sorry to hear about your loss Erik. If I happen to ever come across a Rivendell that looks about the same as your new road bike, I will surely say something & speak up.

    Is the quality the same as a Rivendell bike, and how many chain rings up front, does your new bike have?

    I second the comment up above, the new bike is elegant and please get a beefy, tough lock for it.

  3. It has 2 chain rings up front and 11 (!) gears at the back (I am getting older and the hills here in SF are steep). The frame is hand-built and perhaps even better than my Rivendell. The trouble with an adequate lock is that it’ll weigh more than the bike itself. Best is to always carry it with you.

  4. Erik… what a lovely bicycle! & my condolences for you loss, but typography and bikes what a life you lead. (I’m currently riding a 1960s Reg Harris, Grand Prix)

    Also all the best for Typo London, look forward to seeing you.

  5. Sorry about your loss. But a lovely opportunity to build a bike.
    BTW, nice reverential piece on BBC Radio 4 this morning.

  6. This has inspired me to do some restoration work on my old heavy-as-hell Schwinn Super le Tour. It’ll still weigh more than an Amazon plane, but that just goes toward my workout!

  7. it handles a little strange but it is still one of best Pedelecs out there. You can tell that this is IDEO’s first bicycle.

  8. There’s room to stick one of those “Tile” thingies up the seat post (or stuck inside the BB shell) so that if it does go off wandering, you can track it with your phone.

    1. erik

      That is why I am buying these things. Lost too many bikes already. One day, however, the pro thieves will get wise to these new gadgets.

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