Warning to all bike thieves!

My old Riven­dell road bike was stolen in June. I’d had it for a long time and los­ing it did hurt. I think steal­ing a bicy­cle like that is more than just a lit­tle mis­de­meanour; it is a wicked crime and shows really bad character.

The only way I could get over the loss was by going to see Bradley Woehl at the Amer­i­can Cyclery in San Fran­cisco and have him build me a new bicy­cle. The frame is made by Water­ford in Wis­con­sin, the paint job is pretty much the same as my Riven­dell and the parts are mostly Cam­pag­nola. We put 28 tyres on it, which looks less ele­gant than 23, but if you have seen the roads here in San Fran­cisco, you know that even that is too thin.

I’m pub­lish­ing a few pic­tures here as a pub­lic record. If any­body dares steal this bike, there’ll be lots of peo­ple look­ing out for it.


  1. There is some­thing very ele­gant about that bike; per­haps it is its sim­plic­ity. I’d go and buy a really beau­ti­ful lock for it though.

  2. Duncan

    Sorry to hear about your loss Erik. If I hap­pen to ever come across a Riven­dell that looks about the same as your new road bike, I will surely say some­thing & speak up.

    Is the qual­ity the same as a Riven­dell bike, and how many chain rings up front, does your new bike have?

    I sec­ond the com­ment up above, the new bike is ele­gant and please get a beefy, tough lock for it.

  3. It has 2 chain rings up front and 11 (!) gears at the back (I am get­ting older and the hills here in SF are steep). The frame is hand-built and per­haps even bet­ter than my Riven­dell. The trou­ble with an ade­quate lock is that it’ll weigh more than the bike itself. Best is to always carry it with you.

  4. Erik… what a lovely bicy­cle! & my con­do­lences for you loss, but typog­ra­phy and bikes what a life you lead. (I’m cur­rently rid­ing a 1960s Reg Har­ris, Grand Prix)

    Also all the best for Typo Lon­don, look for­ward to see­ing you.

  5. Sorry about your loss. But a lovely oppor­tu­nity to build a bike.
    BTW, nice rev­er­en­tial piece on BBC Radio 4 this morning.

  6. This has inspired me to do some restora­tion work on my old heavy-as-hell Schwinn Super le Tour. It’ll still weigh more than an Ama­zon plane, but that just goes toward my workout!

  7. it han­dles a lit­tle strange but it is still one of best Ped­elecs out there. You can tell that this is IDEO’s first bicycle.

  8. There’s room to stick one of those “Tile” thin­gies up the seat post (or stuck inside the BB shell) so that if it does go off wan­der­ing, you can track it with your phone.

    1. erik

      That is why I am buy­ing these things. Lost too many bikes already. One day, how­ever, the pro thieves will get wise to these new gadgets.

  9. No idea. i would check the Word­Press plug-ins, as there are thou­sands out there.
    In fact, I just looked (you have a Plu­g­ins but­tons on the left) and there is a Captcha plug in for download.

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