P98A: our new workshop and gallery

We now have two FAG proof presses, one Grafix, a Kor­rex Berlin, a Kor­rex Nürn­berg, a Kor­rex Frank­furt and a Hei­del­berger Tiegel (platen). We won’t even men­tion all the small platens in the shop. And as off last week, all the presses are up and run­ning, although the lat­est FAG needs clean­ing up and repaint­ing.
On top of that a sur­pris­ing amount of large dis­play type, made from wood or Plakadur, Berthold’s resin mate­r­ial from the 50s. And lots of lead type, old and new, includ­ing freshly cast Akzi­denz Grotesk and Block in sizes from 8 to 24 point Didot. Reglet, quads and fur­ni­ture, iron and alu­minium, are wait­ing to be sorted. A sec­ond row of cab­i­nets is on order.


  1. It looks like a well-designed work­space. Con­grat­u­la­tions! I will stop in to visit the next time I am in Berlin. I hope you’ll come out and see The Arm some time!

    1. erik

      Where is The Arm? I’ll be in Lon­don around Easter.

  2. Jay Rutherford

    The visit last week was very nice indeed. Thanks for the Gastfreundschaft!

  3. look­ing throgh this I do not under­stand how, still, well known typog­ra­phers agree on the idea that let­ter­pess is just a ten­dence and that does not apport to the knowl­edge on typog­ra­phy… Any answer on that? Con­grat­u­la­tions, it is fantastic!!!!

    1. erik

      Metal type­set­ting teaches you that the space in between the black bits needs to be con­sid­ered as well. And let­ter­press print­ing is just plain fun, espe­cially after spend­ing half our lives in front of screens.

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