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A message from Adam Twardoch about the forthcoming ATypI conference in Warsaw reminded me of the work we did for De Gruyter, a publisher of science books in Berlin, a few years ago. Ralph du Carrois and I designed a family of typefaces for them, each one with approx. 2500 glyphs. They are extensions of FF MetaSans and FF MetaSerif, with four weights each.

As always, our friend and typographic expert, Andreas Eigendorf, did all the quality control on the fonts and produced this “spitter”: a document with all the characters in it. I made it into a movie, which is the least painful way to see them all.

True typomaniacs will notice that quite a few characters hadn’t had their overlaps removed at the time.


  1. Der Kanalmann

    Yes, nice; but I hope, that the kerning-table is also correct. Because all the fonts I bought at the last time on MyFonts, Fontspring etc. have had the same problems with (mostly in the italics) f’, „f“ and others. But allways with this combinations.

    Fact ist, that fonts like that are trash. But more than 80 % have much problems.

    1. Ich

      hoffe, dass nicht das Englisch schuld daran ist, dass du im Untergrund arbeiten musst.

      1. Der Kanalmann

        Nein, es ist nicht nur das Englisch: Es ist Arroganz und Ignoranz daran schuld. Und ich: weil ich mich autodidaktisch entwickle, was den Schulen, aber besonders den sich über diese rechtfertigenden Arbeitgebern, ein Dorn im Auge zu sein scheint.

        Wir Ausländer sind alle dumm!

        1. Charlie

          „Liberty will not descend to a people, a people must raise themselves to Liberty.“ (Charles Caleb Colton, 1780–1832)

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