Farewell Fest

On friday evening, more than 50 people turned up at the P98a printshop: my friends & colleagues from Edenspiekermann across the street (literally).

They had decided to celebrate my promotion from CEO to the Supervisory Board of the company (i. e. quasi-retirement) and brought food & drink with them. They also made a movie with short interviews which will be made public once we have it subtitled – a lot of them are in German, as befits a company with an office in Berlin.

In return, my friends at P98a printed a small poster for everybody which I signed. It had the first paragraph of our internal manifest on it which I had written some seven or so years ago:

We don’t do decent work.
Decent work is not good enough.
We need to do great work.

Christoph Rauscher posted some photos on his blog. This one comes from there:

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