Bookshelves, 2

Our bookshelves in Berlin run over two floors. The only way to get to them is by using a harness.


  1. While very cool I can’t think of how expensive that rig / power must cost just to access your books :) I would invest in a shelf ladder personally =) Thanks for sharing though, its pretty cool.

  2. Not expensive. Just a standard mountaineering harness, cheap winch for building sites and 4 bolts in the ceiling with moving parts from boating supplies.

  3. Oh, and a ladder 6m (20feet) tall with stand about 2m away from the shelf at the end, so you cannot get to the books. And a vertical ladder would have to have wide steps and be attached to the ceiling. Not feasible.

  4. Dear Erik,

    I watched that video & smiled! The winch is such a beautiful, elegant solution to a problem. I first saw this arrangement in Dwell Magazine & made favourable comments, thinking to myself “wow, what an incredible system”. I would love to have such a system myself, but fear I would just be copying you.

    My Mother & I are book lovers & voracious readers, thus finding appropriate places to store & access books can sometimes become a problem.

    The Eames House down in Pacific Palisades, has been temporarily relocated to the LACMA, the living room they had at their house also had very tall bookcases, it seems to me that in some respects that famous house & yours are both engineered for function, usefulness, aesthetics, et al. Sure the context is different, but I could not help myself seeing a similarity e.g.-storehouse of information, creativity, a good place for the intellectually curious & so forth. Also, there is a new film on the husband/wife team Eames on PBS. I watched it with my Mother & we both enjoyed it greatly.



  5. Charlie

    This is more efficient and practical than a ladder.

  6. That is brilliant! This is now added to my list of features in my dream house.

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