Typomania reloaded

Under download above you can still see the bad copy of the Typomania video that I did for the BBC almost 25 years ago. Two fellow typomaniacs have taken the sound track from that video and remixed it into Typefaces give us signals. See and hear for yourselves: Typefaces give us signals from erik spiekermann […]

Type for science

Going through this blog at the end of 2023 reminded me of the work we did for De Gruyter, a publisher of science books in Berlin, in 2011. After we (at Edenspiekermann) had finished designing layout templates for the science books, Ralph du Carrois and I designed a family of typefaces for these books which […]

Sheep 3.0

An interview I gave to the people from Peachpit when the third version of my book Stop Stealing Sheep and learn how to use type properly came out. 1. How did you first become interested in typography? A printer in our neighbourhood gave me a small tabletop platen press and some type when I was […]


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I have been suffering from Typomania all my life, a sickness that is incurable but not lethal. The Spiekerblog reflects the fact that I see most things from a typographic perspective. As most of what we find out about comes to us by typographic media – i.e. visible language – anything and everything may be […]


Johannes Bergerhausen and his team at the design college in Mainz just released Unicode, the movie. Takes 2 hours and 31 minutes to watch the full feature with its 109,242 characters. Crazy by Hollywood standards, soothing if you suffer from typomania. decodeunicode from Siri Poarangan on Vimeo.