1. William

    You list code heavy for the font­face side? I used YouWork­ForThem for a web­font last week, all I had to do was enter 1 line of CSS code to load them. How is that heavy?

  2. I didn’t list any­thing. This graphic was made by static.colourlovers.com, who­ever they are and stated under the image. There are quite a few facts that need cor­rect­ing, but I thought it was a good start­ing point.

  3. @kimaboe: Geog­ra­phy is not some­thing they teach at schools by the look of it. But if I made a graphic like this, I would look it up. I actu­ally do not think that Nor­way has the cheap­est font prices any­way, it being the most expen­sive coun­try in Europe. The arrow points to some­where in East­ern Europe, which is more likely.

  4. Dan

    Why is Font-face “not guilt free”? That seems a big, base­less, and obnox­ious assertion.

    This “data” is very incon­sis­tent and extremely slanted.

    I work with the largest inter­net seller of type, and the author obvi­ously didn’t look at our col­lec­tion, because the prices, char­ac­ter set size etc. aren’t con­sis­tent with what we sell.

  5. LIke I said: I don’t agree with some of the facts. I hope they are read­ing this to real­ize it takes more than pretty graph­ics to tell a true story. Still a valiant effort, made bet­ter by the com­ments here and elsewhere.

  6. Lower

    I find it rather sad that most fonts are dis­play fonts. In my opin­ion we have enough head­lines; the world needs more body copy.

  7. dcscar

    Frank­tur, Cal­son, Bidoni, Gyl­phic, Num­bus — ZOIKS!

  8. Cal­son and Bidoni? Really??
    Hon­estly there are way too many typos in the chart.
    Addi­tion­ally, the visual rep­re­sen­ta­tion is not con­sis­tent with the numer­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion, the dis­play of quan­ti­ta­tive infor­ma­tion is plain wrong.
    And Israel is not in the Ara­bic Penin­sula and Nor­way is not next to Spain. :-)

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