Printing letterpress at Typo Berlin 2013

For TYPO Berlin 2013 Erik Spiekermann, Axel Nagel, Thomas Maier and Ferdinand Ulrich organized a printing press, wood type letters and stamps to print posters and t-shirts with the attendees. Thanks to Opposition Studios for making this video.

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  1. Jay Rutherford

    Very nice vid – captures the mood. We all had fun printing – lots of great pieces came out of this venture.

  2. Shaun Gannon


    I’m a design student studying my second year in graphic design, and I’m currently working on a group project about Erik Spiekermann and p98a. We are trying to gather information on Spiekerman’s print workshops in p98a, how did you find working in there with Erik? Is there anything else you would be happy to share with us to help with our project?

    Thanks in advance,
    DIT Students

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