Printing letterpress at Typo Berlin 2013

For TYPO Berlin 2013 Erik Spiek­er­mann, Axel Nagel, Thomas Maier and Fer­di­nand Ulrich orga­nized a print­ing press, wood type let­ters and stamps to print posters and t-shirts with the atten­dees. Thanks to Oppo­si­tion Stu­dios for mak­ing this video.

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  1. Jay Rutherford

    Very nice vid – cap­tures the mood. We all had fun print­ing – lots of great pieces came out of this venture.

  2. Shaun Gannon


    I’m a design stu­dent study­ing my sec­ond year in graphic design, and I’m cur­rently work­ing on a group project about Erik Spiek­er­mann and p98a. We are try­ing to gather infor­ma­tion on Spiekerman’s print work­shops in p98a, how did you find work­ing in there with Erik? Is there any­thing else you would be happy to share with us to help with our project?

    Thanks in advance,
    DIT Students

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