Sheep book 3.0 ready

The Eng­lish ver­sion of “Stop Steal­ing Sheep and learn how to use type prop­erly” has been out for a while. Peach­pit still offer a big dis­count if you buy from them direct:

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Lots of new con­tent, new images, more pages and, of course, new fonts.



Roadmap 2013

This is the video of my con­ver­sa­tion with Jeff Veen at the Gigaom con­fer­ence in San Fran­cisco this week:

Ready to print

We will have six proof presses in the shop:
1 Kor­rex Nürn­berg 35x58, 1 Kor­rex Berlin 50x65, 1 Kor­rex Frank­furt 61x86, 1 FAG 35x58, 1 Grafix 35x58 and one more FAG com­ing next week.
The Hei­del­berg Wind­mill is wait­ing to be put together and all the type needs sort­ing.
Ready to go any day now.

4 small presses waiting for another one

4 small presses wait­ing for another one

The big Korrex is all electric. It makes noises like a battleship in action.

The big Kor­rex is all elec­tric. It makes noises like a bat­tle­ship in action.

Flat Design was here before

Just found this illus­tra­tion of some of the work we did for apple in 1992. That was just after we started MetaDe­sign in San Fran­cisco and it involved a com­plete design sys­tem for the Mac OS. All flat.

Mac OS design system 1992. All flat.

Mac OS design sys­tem 1992. All flat.

Better screens

Dis­cussing the qual­ity of type on a smart­phone screen is dif­fi­cult with­out the actual object at hand. I posted screen­shots, but they were reduced, changed in res­o­lu­tion, uploaded and ren­dered in a browser. Far removed from the real thing.

While that remains elu­sive, here’s another try at doing our work and that of the Fire­fox OS team jus­tice. This is an attempt at upload­ing one of the screens at the same size and res­o­lu­tion it was sent to me. Who knows what Word­Press and the browsers will do to it…

Then again, if our type­face sur­vives this, it’ll be well suited for even mod­est res­o­lu­tion on a small screen. The orig­i­nal screen­shot is 320x480px at 165ppi.


Fira for Firefox OS

The UX team at Fire­fox has just sent me some screen­grabs from their work on a smart­phone using the new OS. The Fira type­face will be avail­able under and Open Source license. The ver­sion cur­rently on GitHub is not the final one. We made some small changes before we offi­cially shipped our final fonts. Those should be avail­able soon.

These are small repro­duc­tions of repro­duc­tions. The real screens are much sharper, of course.


Printing letterpress at Typo Berlin 2013

For TYPO Berlin 2013 Erik Spiek­er­mann, Axel Nagel, Thomas Maier and Fer­di­nand Ulrich orga­nized a print­ing press, wood type let­ters and stamps to print posters and t-shirts with the atten­dees. Thanks to Oppo­si­tion Stu­dios for mak­ing this video.

See more at:

Printing letterpress

After my friends at the Point con­fer­ence pre­ma­turely uploaded a video that had nei­ther been filmed pro­fes­sion­ally, nor edited at all, Frerk Lintz, a col­league who actu­ally makes films for a liv­ing, came to my stu­dio and shot a few sequences. We decided not to make a voice-over because if you don’t get what’s going on, this video isn’t for you in the first place.

Frerk runs a web­site with great video inter­views. Most of them are in Ger­man, but all of them are fun to watch.

Print­ing on my old Kor­rex in Berlin from erik spiek­er­mann on Vimeo.