Nice face, shame about the ad

Even with an ugly ad like this, the Nokia type­face car­ries the brand. I designed this 8 years ago (Mono­type turned my sketches into real fonts) and it’s held up pretty well.


  1. I agree, it still looks very fresh. If you told me that you designed in in 2008, I cer­tainly would have believed it.

  2. Yep a lovely font. Sur­prised that no one has men­tioned the very poor kern­ing between the r and i in ‘pri­vate’ as well as the t and the i in ‘automa­tisch’ or is that what you meant by “shame about the ad” ?

  3. That’s not poor kern­ing, but the unfor­tu­nate effect of hav­ing an i with a serif while spac­ing the head­line too tightly. There was an alter­na­tive i in my fonts for Nokia, but that would lose some of the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the face.

    Care­ful kern­ing and track­ing should be applied to a head­line in an ad like this, but what I really meant was that the whole con­cept with those scream­ing call-outs looks cheap and more like an ad for a “new, improved” athlete’s foot cream.

  4. I like Nokia Sans, but I also think it’s a damn shame that Nokia doesn’t pro­vide any other fonts on their phones.

  5. hey erik
    tht was rather mean there
    i think his advert is qual­ity brother

  6. consume

    I dis­agree, I think this font looks ter­ri­bly dated to the point where it ruins the actual focal mes­sage of the ad. It’s cramped and the lack of sep­a­ra­tion with the red just makes it look that much worse.

    An apt reflec­tion of Nokia as a com­pany right now when faced with the likes of iOs and android.

  7. I was won­der­ing if you ever thought of chang­ing the lay­out of your blog? Its very well writ­ten; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a lit­tle more in the way of con­tent so peo­ple could con­nect with it bet­ter. Youve got an awful lot of text for only hav­ing 1 or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  8. Not sure what you mean, Har­ri­son. I don’t know how you’re read­ing these pages, so it might be that your browser doesn’t show the same type­faces that I designed this in or that the type looks smaller or larger than intended.

    They lay­out is intended for read­ing con­tin­u­ous por­tions of text, and if the type appears too small, you can enlarge it your­self. The way it looks on my screen seems quite suited to this medium and the read­ing dis­tance. There are some 65 char­ac­ters per line which should be com­fort­able to read, and the lead­ing is gen­er­ous. These com­ments are smaller, of course, as they are not usu­ally long pas­sages of plain text.

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