From today: Real type.

It’s been around for a while. As off today also fea­tured on the Spiekerblog: proper type­faces instead of sys­tem fonts.

Copy is set in Espi Slab Reg­u­lar, Head­lines in Espi Sans Bold, Twit­ter Feeds in Espi Sans Reg­u­lar and Bold. Espi is Edenspiekermann’s exclu­sive ver­sion of FF Unit and FF Unit Slab. Done with Type­kit.

Mar­cus Scheller hacked it all together.

You can also see real type in action on the Eden­spiek­er­mann site.


  1. I’m kind of sur­prised you chose not to go with Meta and Meta Serif. Looks great, either way, Eric.

  2. erik

    Quite a few peo­ple use Meta as web­fonts already. And Espi aka FF Unit is the house­face for Eden­spiek­er­mann. Soon to go live on that web­site as well.

  3. FF Unit Slab (Espi) looks and reads beau­ti­ful, even at this size. But I think every­thing could be a px or two bigger.

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